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  • The IATL plans high-end meetings and experiences, which include spectacular hotel accommodations, venues, excursions, and speakers. Safety, security and high level service are of utmost importance to the IATL. The team has developed great relationships with Xtreme Security. In addition to providing security for our meetings in Europe, many of our members have reached out to them directly for other personal travel planning and security needs. They go above and beyond in their work and I would strongly encourage you to partner with them!

    Janel S. Fick
    Executive Director, IATL
  • We at Climber Be which is a subsidiary of Farwills Investment Ltd would like to say thank you and appreciate your professionalism during the assignment contracted to your company on the 23rd of July 2018. We would surely always make use of your service and also recommend your organization to others in need of such services.

    Simone George Williams
    CEO, Farwills Investments LTD.
  • We worked together for a week from Hungary through Slovakia, Austria and Germany. It was a very high profile and large group of clients and Tom and his team did a fantastic job on all levels. From logistics, to group transportation, in-city events and all matters of protection, they were extremely professional. There are choices of security teams, but the other reason I am confident in the recommendation is that in addition to providing top notch security, they also maintained excellent customer service and interactions for the group. It’s this subtle blend of professionalism that that kept everyone both safe and pleased throughout the trip.

    Jensen Sutta
  • Tom and his staff accompanied a group of us on a Danube River Cruise. The group is the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, and contains some very high profile and successful lawyers from around the globe. Their services were first rate, and our membership was very comfortable as we visited a number of very crowded public areas. We had no incidents involving the public, which I attribute to their excellent planning and presence.

    Skip Netzorg
  • We were accompanied by Xtreme Security GmbH. They were very in their demeaner and in their dress. I would highly recommend Xtreme to anyone traveling and needing security. We will definitely use them on one of our future international trips.

    Richard and Suzanne Burbidge
    Salt Lake City, Utah
  • You and your team provided a physical presence that obviously deterred any incidents. You were attentive to all of our concerns and you had obviously prepared for the trip as you were well-versed with the culture and areas of concern. Thank you!

    Joe H. Tucker, Jr., Esquire

Who Are We?

Who Are We?

We are the Executive Protection Specialists whose main responsibility is to protect your life and your loved ones, your brand, and your privacy. But we also take care of logistics, advance security, travel security, coordination with other parts of your organization, and of all other time saving personal and business concierge services.

Our Executive Protection Agents are highly educated operatives, with great understanding of social dynamics, but first and foremost a security professionals with good character and persons with good soft skills.

Where We Work?

When it comes to international task the only way to provide adequate security coverage to our clients is the utilization of local assets within the specific area of operation. We have developed a worldwide network of partners who can provide real-time accurate information to facilitate our overseas protective missions worldwide.

Why choose us?


There are significant sections of the industry that aren’t obliged to be licensed. However, even if it’s not mandatory by the government, employers need to ensure staff are appropriately trained/qualified and security measures are practiced.

Demonstrating qualifications

Without Government and legal enforcement, there will inevitably be gaps in the regulation of some parts of the German security industry. We must encourage and foster an expectation (both inside our industry and by the public) that security professionals should display their qualifications openly.

Wider understanding of security

Raising awareness of professional security standards is only part of the equation; there also needs to be greater public awareness of security needs and the responsibility of organizations and individuals for this.

Improved education

Undoubtedly, security professionals need to build trust with their clients and internal stakeholders, right across the business. The German Government shows no sign of increasing mandatory regulation of the security sector, so it’s up to the industry to instil and maintain this trust itself.

Our mission?

Maximum dedication to our duties guides our entire structure and is the driving force in every our decision! We are firm in our conviction that our duty is to preserve life, property, risks and maintain a professional approach to a meaningful and cost-effective solution.

Our vision?

Our vision is to provide a peace of mind to our clients, while protecting them and their brand. To make them more productive by saving their time through a personal concierge services, and to make them happy by not interfering in their private life, and giving them as much free space as possible.

Core to our business?

Our operatives are core to our business! Most of them are employed by personal recommendation from within our inner core of operators – ensuring that every man can be vouched for with regards to quality and trust.

Our Services




Close Protection



Residential Security

• Prior Assessments
• Security Planning
• Residential Security


Event Security



Corporate Aircraft Security



Super-Yacht Security



Travel Security



Drone Defense






Certification that gives our organization creditability within the private security industry!

Let’s face it, over ½ of the ISO registrations for Quality Management exist in China, and of those registrations, the majority are window dressing…
But there are not so many security companies registered in German, who are also certified by ISO 28000/28007:2015 standard.
Better to say, there are only two companies including Xtreme Security.

Quality is a wide meaning term.
It means to one person something very different then to the next person.

The ISO 9001 quality standard is defined as the international standard that specifies requirements for all types of businesses, however the ISO 28000/28007:2015. provides a framework for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving the management of security operations, which ensures that other key elements that are security specific are also tested during the audit process.

The increased threat to commercial shipping by piracy in the Indian Ocean and elsewhere has led to extensive use of PMSC that supply PCASP to provide security on board vessels navigating through high risk areas.

ISO 28007 was introduced to address the safety and legal implications of employing PCASP through a risk-based approach. It provides guidelines and sector-specific requirements that PMSC, who already comply with ISO 28000, can implement to demonstrate that they provide appropriate PCASP services on board yachts.

  • ISO 28000/28007:2015 - Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel on board Yachts

Career & Jobs

The image of the inside itself begins with the smallest things.
We care about all, look and stand, the equipment, and the abilities of our operatives.

Our belief is that the best VIP protection security is based on the use of highly trained professionals!

Sometimes unfairly seen as a secondary career choice, private security professionals deserve far more respect. To help address this, we need to continue raising standards and promoting the professionalism of our practitioners to correct any misconceptions.

Undoubtedly, security professionals need to build trust with their clients right across the business.
The German Government shows no sign of increasing mandatory regulation of the security sector, so it’s up to the industry to instils and maintain this trust itself.

One of the best ways to raise professional standards is through education, testing and certification.
This openly demonstrates adherence to accepted and measured practices and standards from industry-recognized providers.

We, as security professionals, have a responsibility to ensure every role in the industry, from security guard to security director, has a vocational pathway that enables people to demonstrate the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to fulfil their role to the very best of their ability.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Being willing is not enough; we must do.”

― Leonardo da Vinci

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