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Our Ethos

Guaranteeing a safe secure environment and providing sound decisions that result in ultimate satisfaction to all our clients

Keeping our clients safe, whatever the stakes and doing a job right or not at all

100% transparency within our company and to our clients in all we do, and accountability and legality in time with security industry rules and guidelines

Loyalty to our clients, colleagues and partners

You need a Confident Person with a High Standard of Integrity?
You need Discretion?

Discretion to protect Client Information and Privacy is very important to us. That’s why we place a great importance on Integrity and Reliability of our Close Protection Officers. Everyone hired for any security position undergoes an extensive background check of criminal history to ensure that all employees are:

Reliable, Trustworthy, of Good Conduct and Character.

Our security teams not only serve as a deterrent against crime.
They are precise and professional and have the ability to discreetly and rapidly address any security issue that may arise.
Our key ability is the early identification of potential threats before they occur. This enables us to make effective decisions, which prevent the opportunity to inflict damage or harm.
Xtreme Security provide personnel that understand the industry trends and have the unique ability to blend into their surroundings but also show a physical deterrent when necessary.

Our manpower is core to our business!

We do not employ individuals without a security pedigree, who often cost less but do not have the understanding of social dynamics and skills to react correctly in a threatening situation.

Doing an Executive Protection within Europe is most of the time unarmed job, and only weapon we use is our brain!
Having a situational environmental intelligence, good communication skills, same as a flexibility in decision making and fluidity, makes our operatives a good Executive Protection Agents.

In addition to hard skills that all our agents must have in order to join our team in the first place, and which they have acquired on a Security Driving Training, Close Protection Training, Medical Training, all our agents must pass some other specialist training prior working for us.

These training’s allow them to specialize in a fields of our activity, such as:

  • Corporate Aircraft Security Training
  • Super Yacht Security Training
  • Executive Protection Soft Skills and Social Dynamics Training
  • Situational Awareness and Profiling Training

That specialization we do in partnership with one of the best academies within USA.
Such as the Executive Protection Institute and the Bravo Research Group.
They are helping us in constant improvement of our employees knowledge through their mentoring and training programs.

Most of our operatives are former military and police officers but being former Military or Police Officer does not make someone a good executive protection agent.
However, many companies (including Xtreme Security) feel that the discipline and learned skills during their service make them a better-rounded operative.
We look for this in potential employees because these people are accustomed to stressful conditions, and most can operate well under pressure, but, unfortunately, many former soldiers find it difficult to adapt to the “civilian “environment.

The ego and lack of manners are usually the biggest problem!

Situation dictates tactics!
Not everybody fits the purpose.

Even within Executive Protection there are a number of different specialist fields and experience, from working with Corporate Executives to Celebrities, and Families with children.
Each client requires a different mindset and selection of skills, and can involve different qualifications such as a Pediatric First Aid qualification for instance.

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