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Xtreme Security Anti-Drone Solution
in cooperation with MyDefence

At the beginning the drones were used for missions too “dull, dirty or dangerous” for humans.
While they were used mostly in military applications, their use is rapidly expanding to commercial, scientific, recreational, agricultural, and other applications, but also increasingly being used from paparazzi for spying. They are ideal tools for recording someone at an awkward moment while enjoying vacation far away from a public eye.

We are honored that we have become an official reseller and that we partnered with leading manufacturer of anti-drone devices which you can find on the market today.


MyDefence was founded by military officers with insight into military operations and advanced radio technology.
They are specialized in developing, producing, and selling anti-drone products for detection, tracking, and jamming of Unmanned Aerial Systems to mitigate the threat of malicious drones.

Their field proven products provide end-users with state-of-the-art technology for enhanced protection and situational awareness.  The knowledge gained and shared, makes our partners products truly cutting edge.

At MyDefence they realize the terms “Interoperability” and “Mission Critical” are lifesavers. Around these notions, we work our projects in order to accommodate the VIP needs for flexibility and scalability.

By listening to our end-users and combining their learnings with our partners technology, we are producing innovative and versatile Counter UAS solutions for any type of scenario.

If the regulations in a particular country allow jammers, we would use their jamming technology to disable frequencies or signals of any intruding drone in the area as well. We are fully equipped and highly trained professional with technological support to detect any looming threat.


There are countless people out there who do not want drones to interfere with their businesses, their privacy, their operations, their infrastructure, their buildings, and their facilities. When it comes to protecting privacy, secrecy, property, people, and mission critical infrastructure, the needs are great from a very diverse group of organizations, as well as, individuals.
Celebrities, executives, dignitaries, and others with personal security concerns use anti-drone devices for advance detection and warning of drone presence.
We have been looking more into the private security sector on a global scale, and at this moment we are running a campaign for a special Executive Protection package that would be from now on available not as an emitter but a detector which is 100% legal for using in civilian sector.



The private events with high entertainment value or controversy are prime opportunities to spy, harass, harm, or illegally record using drones. Drones can capture a birds-eye view of large-scale exhibitions. They can freely infiltrate gated environments and avoid capture by security on the ground. This makes consumer aircraft ideal tools for unlicensed recording and transmission of event footage. Drones also cause distraction or risk of bodily harm if they crash in a crowded area.


In drone counter measurements devices, our partner is the world leading.
Commercial drones operate in FRQ bands 433MHz 915MHz 1.2GHz 2.4GHz 5.2GHZ and 5.8GHz, and we can detect all of these bands and let the security guard know that a drone is approaching from up to 3 km away.
With the detector connected to the jammer, the jammer will create a fence up to 1km away, meaning the drone will not come too close.
MyDefence jammer has a jamming algorithm that counters the FRQ hopping drones, meaning a drone senses FRQ noise from the jammer or other environmental interference on ex. 2.4GHz it will switch FRQ to 5.8GHz and continue flying, while the algorithm in our jammer counters that and jams the drone anyway.
With a conventional jammer, the drone will sense the interference from the jammer and switch FRQ band and leave the jammer useless.
Another advantage MyDefence jammers:
It will cover 60 degrees, with no need for the operator to see or aim a drone.
A small drone 100m to 200m away is hard to discover and hit with a usual jamming riffle, therefore, this jammer is much more effective.


As soon as someone in the vicinity of your yacht turns on the drone, regardless of whether the drone is in the air, on still on the ground, the sensor already detects that someone is preparing to use the drone, which can automatically notify you or your crew, security team, or captain, via alert notification on your mobile phone, laptop, or any other device, that it is the time to cover yourself with a towel and to leave your jacuzzi, and move inside of the yacht.

However, if you do not want someone to spoil your vacation in this way by changing the way you rest and have fun whenever a potential danger arises, you should consider hiring our team of Maritime Security specialists that will help you not only to detect but also to eliminate the threat by using our partner’s jammers.

For more information on our drone detection program for Executive Protection click on the flyer.

At Xtreme security, we are trained professionals certified with MyDefence equipment usage and technologies for our clients anywhere including a yacht cruise for an event organization or for additional residential security.

*For purchasing MyDefence equipment contact us and we would work out a plan and provide you a 10% discount. If you wish to contact them directly, be free to use our discount by mentioning us.

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