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Superyachts in High-Risk Waters

In a world where hotter is usually considered better, the yachting set head to warmer climes throughout the winter months.
Typically, those popular winter charter destinations include countries in the Middle East like Bahrain, Oman, Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a famous F1 Race, but also destinations within Indian Ocean regions, including Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and the Maldives.

Even the presence of a Naval Forces in the Indian Ocean, the threat posed by the Somali pirates has been virtually eliminated, because of the war in Yemen, the situation around Iranian coast, the activities of the Al-Shabaab terrorist group in East Africa and its attacks on tourist resorts have engendered a profound sense of uncertainty in this part of the world that has cast its shadow over neighbouring cruising destinations such as Northern Madagascar, the Seychelles and even Mozambique, and it must be stressed that sailing in that area is still potentially dangerous.
Even Madagascar was expected to become the major attraction in the South Indian Ocean, but the ever lingering threat of piracy has put paid to those hopes.

To ensure safely pass through the critical area of the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea, we can provide you an armed escort with ex Royal Marine Commando operatives and best possible equipment.

How to Pirate-Proof Your Superyacht?

Xtreme Security GmbH is proud to announce our achievement of the ISO 28007-1:2015 accreditation! This milestone reflects the growing demand for our superyacht security services in high-risk maritime areas and underscores our commitment to excellence.

The ISO 28007 certification enhances our organization’s credibility by demonstrating our capability to provide appropriate Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) services on board yachts. It reassures yacht owners and stakeholders of our adherence to best practices in addressing both internal and external challenges related to PCASP.

ISO PAS 28007 sets the global benchmark for private maritime security companies, indicating that a company and its operatives are legally, safely, and effectively equipped to secure shipping.


Our comprehensive superyacht security services are tailored to consider all aspects of security, factoring in the unique requirements of each yacht we protect. Our approach involves designing specific security protocols and assigning professionals to vessels based on their routes, size, event participation, and type. While our expert personnel are adept at implementing anti-piracy measures, we have also partnered with a leading marine security company to enhance our security standards for superyachts navigating through high-risk waters.

All firearms and controlled goods are owned by our affiliated company, specializing in maritime security services, and are licensed by the UK Government under an Open General Trade Control License (OGTCL) issued by the Department for International Trade. This authorization allows us to transport controlled goods (weapons and security equipment) across different jurisdictions legally.

Furthermore, our sister company complies with BIMCO GUARDCON standards, ensuring the implementation of proper safeguards and the acquisition of appropriate licensing.

While shipping vessels are valuable targets for pirates, their size and security measures often deter easy access. Conversely, yachts, cruise ships, and personal vessels present more accessible targets, increasing the risk of piracy-related kidnappings and hostage situations. In recent years, the necessity for robust security measures during sea travel in international or dangerous waters has become more apparent.

For detailed information about our equipment and pricing for anti-piracy services in high-risk waters, as well as the latest Risk Report please check the ADITTIONAL DETAILS  section.


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