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Do you possess a necessary soft skills but
first and foremost, character of the protector?
We are looking for a smart security professionals who are always willing to invest in their individual capital all the time!

Xtreme Security employs experienced security professionals who are trained in close protection, advanced first aid and protective driving.
However, even if you have the experience and qualifications mentioned above, you will still need to participate in our recruitment training program so we can make sure that everyone within our team are trained at the same standard and to be sure that you understand what soft skills we are looking at?
To simplify;
We need to be sure that you have as good software as you have the hardware!

Also, you will need to learn something more, such as profiling and situational environmental awareness (how to read people and recognizing threat pre-indicators).

If you are not recommended from any of our team members and you are really interested in becoming a part of our team, these advice might help you:
-Join the Executive Protection Lifestyle Group and start learning!
If you have not discovered the executive protection lifestyle podcast, it is an amazing wealth of knowledge! Watching these videos and listening to these episodes will definitely improve your game!

Since our company places a high importance on demands that all security officers have outstanding interpersonal skills, professional demeanor and a positive work ethic, prior the training we would do an interview to assess whether you are a person who fits into our business philosophy, whether you are a gentleman with manners, person without ego problems, a team player, and the most important a person with a good character.
So, if you are not willing to visit us at our office for an interview, please don’t waste yours, and our time.

If you still wish to join our team tell us something about yourself with your own words.

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