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At Xtreme Security, the number one priority is our client’s safety. Ensuring the safety of our clients requires precision and focus, and therefore our training and technological advancements are very important factors. Doing so also requires close collaboration with high standard companies that are reliable and dedicated to providing top-notch services only.
GlobeAir (whose call sign is DREAM TEAM) holds such a reputation having achieved 12 years and 60,000 flown hours without any accident.

Safety is DreamTeam’s first priority with a long history of smooth operations. Their outstanding norms include SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), competent collaboration, and efficient training. Every pilot has to attend two compulsory simulator training sessions a year; training sessions of this sort are fundamental as they include real-show-case-scenarios.

GlobeAir offers an all-in-one travel solution offering private jet flights, hotel and restaurant bookings as well as any other luxury services that may be needed. With an outstanding connection to over 900 airports, GlobeAir operates mainly in Europe; on-demand private jet charters outside Europe are also available on a case-by-case basis.

GlobeAir’s success is based on the art of selling time, knowing how to anticipate the needs of its exceptional clientele which includes sports athletes, politicians, diplomats, and other high-net-worth individuals. It is a great honour for Jet Charter Security to have been chosen as the preferred partner in the provision of security services and we look forward to protecting GlobeAir’s passengers and their image.

With this collaboration in place, our highly trained personnel come into action. With the aid of substantial experience, this highly trained personnel know what to do in case of emergencies and with their excellent soft skills how to keep the client satisfied. Precisely planned routes, advance security of all the locations, risk and threat assessment, and continuous monitoring always allows us to remain in control of every situation.

Private jet gives an edge over commercial ones as individuals can enjoy discretion by avoiding commercial airport terminals, and evidently, less exposure decreases the overall risks. Flying private remains the most discreet and efficient way to travel; even overstepping the benefits that first class can offer. Private jet experiences with GlobeAir are designed to match the passenger’s needs. As safety, discretion and confidentiality is the utmost concern of our clients, Strict FAA regulations are governing the GlobeAir Industry.

The growing amount of exposure puts many high-profile individuals at risk, and to counter this; our services are proven to be very useful.
Celebrities are most vulnerable when in public, especially when traveling.
The main threats are overenthusiastic fans and paparazzi, while
for a government official, the risks are much greater, like threats from various terrorist organizations as well as assassination attempts.
But not only that corporate executives or celebrities are at risk on both land and air.
Safeguarding and monitoring the larger group of people while traveling can be nullified by the collaboration of Xtreme Security and Voyage Manager through our travel security management system. A personalized pre-travel awareness and comprehensive 24/7 monitoring & response which includes intelligence support services-travel briefs and threat and risk assessments, and
traveler tracking with proprietary app and emergency response capabilities

Under our surveillance and supervision, our client’s safety will never be compromised.
Xtreme Security dispatches a team for the client’s protection that is knowledgeable, can monitor, assess threats, and neutralize the threat before any harm is done.
Threats are everywhere, to subdue them is our job.

For emergencies, medical evacuations, our teams are ready with handy equipment, deployable within a few hours, everywhere around the globe. Extensive training given to our team ensures guaranteed safety and wellbeing of our clients and their loved ones.

Aiding the client along their colleagues, family, or anyone accompanying them is our priority too. With our very extensive and detailed recruitment process of security experts who can cover our needs on another continents, not necessarily in Europe, we have developed a large network of professionals who have the same minds set as we do, who are trained under our standards, and who have all the necessary soft skills to perform tasks on behalf of our brand, and who are carefully selected to represent the brand of our clients too.

Securing the client is not limited to physical means only.

We enforce the use of TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) inspections that can help to protect valuable information that has value to an eavesdropper or that may threaten the safety of the passengers. Even with the most stringent FAA regulations and airport security, it only takes seconds for someone to plant a covert recording device in your personally owned or leased aircraft. Modern eavesdropping devices are relatively cheap and easy to obtain online or abroad. Covert surveillance devices may be small and easy to hide, but what they capture can have a devastating and lasting impact. A TSCM survey will provide a professional evaluation of the jet’s technical security posture and usually will consist of a thorough visual, electronic, and physical examination in and about the surveyed facility. This process is better known as bug sweeps. Bugsweep aircraft TSCM inspections provide an assurance of privacy to aircraft owners and occupants. Whether the aircraft is new, used or a chartered jet, privacy is of the utmost importance. Conversations and activities on the aircraft may be of national or international importance, corporate confidential or personal in nature. Aswell, the location of the airplane or jet, both current and previous, may be of importance to an eavesdropper.
Our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures services are designed to provide government level counter-eavesdropping protection to both our government and corporate clients.

Aircraft TSCM inspections include an examination of the:

-TSCM technical specification investigation.

-Technical Threat Analysis (TTA)
A Technical Threat Analysis (TTA) that includes identification of parties who may wish to illegally eavesdrop on the site location in order to access confidential or information not available to the general public.

-(AUDIO&VIDEO) RF investigation
In aim to locate and find transmitters in varieties mode such as:
In wide and variety method of modulation such as:
Analog (AM, FM, PM)
Digital (ASK, FSK, PSK, QSK, WIFI, GSM, 3G,4G, CDMA, Bluetooth)
Spread-spectrum and frequency-hopping.

-RF VLF investigation.
In aim to locate VLF transmitters.
Include electricity, telecommunication and free wires.

-ELF investigation
f leakage of the magnetic field.In aim to locate sources o

-Laser and IR investigation.
From the site out from out in.

-Special GSM 3G 4G investigation
In aim to locate GSM transmitters in standby mode.

-Special WIFI investigation
In aim to monitor and locate suspicions devices and routers.

-Bluetooth investigation
In aim to locate Blue tooth suspicious devices & interceptors.

-Ultrasonic investigation
In aim to locate ultrasonic site “natural” leakage and ultrasonic attack transmitters.

-GPS investigation
In aim to locate GPS, GSM (active, passive) bugs,

-Physical investigation.
In aim to locate threats such as: hidden tape recorders, hidden microphones (coil, optic, acoustic, fiber), hidden cam, hidden crossing wires, hidden Computerize collect info devices.

Aircraft TSCM Inspection Process

Our Aircraft TSCM Inspections include detection of both traditional eavesdropping devices and cyber eavesdropping devices & uses the most advanced, laboratory grade TSCM equipment available. As well as our governmental level equipment, our TSCM specialists have more than 20 years of experience in the TSCM, Cyber TSCM, counter intelligence and counter espionage fields.

Following the service, we provide a verbal debrief of the inspection findings. We identify the location of any eavesdropping devices, and provide information concerning vulnerabilities identified. As well, we provide a formal pdf report. The report includes inspections performed, our findings, recommendations and information to help protect privacy going forward. So, our services include detection, assistance with correction and information to help protect privacy going forward.

In case you think a plane might be an unlikely target, consider this…

An American Airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing when a spy camera was found in one of its restrooms.

In another case, two men were indited for bugging Michael Jackson’s private jet with a covert spycam. “According to the indictment, the Gulfstream jet was outfitted with concealed camcorders and remote microphones purchased from a store that sold ‘spy’ equipment.”

The collaboration of Xtreme Security and Globe Air is remarkable as both provide a gold standard of security and ease. These entities provide professional services including, but not limited to, executive protection, secure transportation, comfortability, and quality experience. Successful professional services and well-defined goals help us to ensure a realistic timetable to execute a practical time table for performing our services with excellence. The primary purpose of our contracts is to deliver professional, effective, and reliable security services that meet GLOBE AIR standards. With mindful planning, we endeavor to appropriate any obstacles and resolve any concerns before they can occur. We will protect and securely transport you and your family, your business partners, or escort your valuables without fail. We will handle your tenants and your employees with respect. We deliver on what we promise!

The people behind GlobeAir

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