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Our Partners In Anti-Piracy

Our current superyacht security services consider all aspects of security alongside the specifics of each yacht we protect. We design our security protocol and assign our professionals to vessels based on their routes, size, event, and yacht type. While our expert personnel are fully capable of carrying out anti-piracy measures, we have partnered with another marine security company to further bolster our standards of security on superyachts in high-risk waters.

ESS Maritime is the leading Dutch private maritime security company, and for good reason. Their security services are tailor-made to suit the needs of each client that they work with. This company primarily works with clients in the shipping industry since these vessels carry large quantities of valuable goods and tend to cross through dangerous waters for the sake of efficiency.

Shipping vessels are a valuable target for pirates, but they are also large and generally well-guarded targets, making them more difficult to board and rob. On the other hand, yachts, cruise ships, and other personal vessels are smaller and easier targets for pirates. With the rate of piracy kidnappings and hostage situations having risen in recent years, security is becoming a necessity during sea travel for all vessels in international or dangerous waters.

Our partnership with ESS Maritime was born out of our shared values. With a clear focus on customers, flexibility, reliability, and knowledge sharing, this union will bring about a remarkably strong security service.

ESS works to uphold the highest standards of maritime security according to international legal, regulatory, and industry standards. They have multiple certifications, including ISO Standard certification 28007:2015. We share this certification, however, theirs is awarded by the most reputable certification body, MSS Global. The companies other standards and certifications include;

●      Placing the safety of individuals and the environment as their highest priority.

●      BIMCO GUARDCON compliant, which means that this company ensures that proper safeguards are in place and appropriate licensing is obtained.

ESS Maritime is also a long standing and well established PMSC. This status has been earned through the companies following the terms of UK Licensing (UK DIT OGTCL), Dutch Law, EU Law, United Nations Maritime law, and any given home state laws of respective flag states. In short, they function in respects to a majority of Maritime laws, for a global scope of security.

ESS Maritime also exclusively uses firearms and controlled goods that are licensed by the UK Government via an Open General Trade Control License (OGTCL) from the Department for International Trade. This permits them to move weapons and security equipment across different jurisdictions without legal conflict or delay.

All of these certifications and standards allow ESS Maritime to legally carry firearms onboard vessels in high-risk waters, and as their partners, it allows us to do the same for yachts and other luxury vessels. Having the ability to carry firearms for protection onboard these vessels puts us at an advantage to pirates and dissuades attacks.

These standards and certifications are blended with our own through this partnership, creating an impressively effective marine security experience for our clients regardless of where their vessels travel. As with all of our services, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the standard of luxury living, especially in regards to our clients’ security and privacy. We are proud to have partnered with ESS Maritime in our mission to better enforce secure maritime travel, and we look forward to sharing the benefits of this partnership with you on your next yacht trip or cruise.





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