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Threat & Risk Assesment

Threat awareness, evaluation and avoidance is the key to effective protection.

Our threat assessment is a clear, logical, accurate, relevant and comprehensive.
With the addition of reconnaissance and background checks which in essence are risk assessments of both,
the location you will visit and the people you will encounter there, we ensure all bases are covered.

When managing the possibility of a threat, we at first do our very best to AVOID the threat in the first place,
and then try to ESCAPE the threat. If extraction from the scene is not achievable, only then will we confront the threat.

In the world of Close Protection security, the basis of all planning for protection of the client, is derived from
the threat assessment.

A threat assessment defines the current situation, historic development and the methodology of the threat in which we
place our principal. Once prepared, the assessment is not concluded or static, but forms the basis of a dynamic, ever-changing assessment as more information appears.
A threat assessment can be done on an entire country or simply an individual; in every case it has many treads and facets.

The “Threat” is external and constant. Apart from per-emotion there is little can be done about it.
“Risk” is what we are paid to reduce by taking appropriate measures. The risk is NOT constant.
95% of the protection of a VIP consists of waiting, planning, ‘what if’ and carrying out the day to day duties of normal life in anticipation of the 5% of actions, thinking under pressure and keeping the VIP safe.

​The anticipation and planning consume 100% of our attention

Operational Intel & Planning

CP Operations need to have the correct planning to establish the correct drills and profiles for each threat of operations.
Within an established operation there may be a requirement to plan for a particular event or trip that is not normally catered for.
That planning is on what we put great importance.

A well planned operation significantly reduces anything left to chance and permits the operation to be conducted in a smooth and professional manner.

Our most important aspect of VIP protection is preparation.
Good preparation allows us to be pro-active and in charge, not always having to react to a crisis.

Preliminary security arrangements at all the sites to be visited by the VIP are made by our advance teams.

This is the role of our Security Advance Party (SAP).

To achieve this our SAP carry out a site survey to identify areas requiring security upgrades so that the visit of the VIP progresses smoothly and safely, ensuring where possible that the detail knows all security arrangements prior to the actual visit.

Counter Surveilance

A Major component of criminal and terrorist planning is prior surveillance of their target.
We are constantly alert to the fact that someone could have the principal under observation.
Failure to understand surveillance methods will mean that we will be unaware of the criminals watching you and therefore you are most probably under greater danger.

Counter surveillance is our responsibility, and there are certain drills and techniques which
our teams can employ if they think you are being subjected to a surveillance.
However proper planning and preparation can assist in our counter surveillance plan.

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