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Superyacht Security Services

The Super Yacht Security services implemented by Xtreme Security are carried out with high safety standards allowing owners, families, guests and crew to conduct their navigation itinerary or stay in the ports in complete tranquility both as regards their own personal safety, both regarding the safety of the Super Yacht and the goods transported therein.

The characteristics and safety requirements required for each VIP assignment are different: the number of people to be protected, their cultural expectations, their customs and habits on board, as well as the size of the Super Yacht; these are all factors that contribute to influence and personalize the way in which the Super Yacht security service is provided.

Our Super Yacht security teams are specifically trained in order to adapt their attitude in the face of these differences.

We have a Super Yacht Security Service that is able to organize, implement and supervise onboard and dockside security services for yachts and ships of all sizes: the security requirements and demands for a commercial cruise ship with hundreds of passengers on board differ from those of a private Super Yacht where a number of people limited to family and friends or a group of company managers will generally be present.

Our Super Yacht Security Service intervenes with operational standards of excellence, knowing how to easily adapt to the nature of the risk and the threat, whether it is a superyacht  with a high density of guests, or whether it is necessary to intervene in smaller yachts and with a number of passengers limited to a one family or a few people. We know how to recognize and adapt our terms of intervention in the most rigorous respect for privacy and in the most scrupulous observance of the rules of engagement.

At Extreme security, our Super Yacht Security Service staff are able to recognize the fundamental differences between these scenarios and realizes that the nature of the service must be adequate and customized according to the particular needs and circumstances.

Xtreme Security has at its disposal expert personnel mainly with previous military experience, carries out periodic training and theoretical, technical and tactical phases, combining and perfectly integrating the experience of the resources used with the technologies used.

Our Super Yacht Security service can also provide adequate assistance and effective protection to passengers wishing to go ashore during a cruise. So there’s no need to feel too disturbed if anyone onboard has to take a short detour. They will be adequately taken care of.

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Places where our services are needed

Our Super Yacht Security services are aimed at people who work in different fields; from celebrities to company administrators, entrepreneurs, personalities from the world of sport, politics, the diplomatic sector, or for an event organizers and yacht charter agencies who need assistance with crowd management and access control of guests on board their Super Yacht.

When you organize an event on a yacht in marina, do you consider implementing an access control officers at your event or do you consider it unnecessary?

When you are in marina where are a lot of people it’s possible that someone tries to enter the yacht (mostly because of curiosity and without any bad intentions). 

But there are always those passers-by who will take every opportunity to board a yacht and enjoy a free party.

The chance of someone trespassing on your yacht is very small, because there is always someone of the crew on board, but there are people who will take advantage of every little recklessness of those who control access to the yacht, and usually they are crew members who deal with all the many other things at the event, and sometimes leave their position unwatched.

Even though these cases are very rare some guests don’t feel comfortable without a security guard.

For more information about our Superyacht Event Security Services, please click on a booklet and read our case study on a legendary yacht “Christina O”.

Anti Piracy

In a world where hotter is usually considered better, the yachting set head to warmer climes throughout the winter months.
Typically, those popular winter charter destinations include countries in the Middle East like Bahrain, Oman, Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a famous F1 Race, but also destinations within Indian Ocean regions, including Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and the Maldives.

Even the presence of a Naval Forces in the Indian Ocean, the threat posed by the Somali pirates has been virtually eliminated, because of the war in Yemen, the situation around Iranian coast, the activities of the Al-Shabaab terrorist group in East Africa and its attacks on tourist resorts have engendered a profound sense of uncertainty in this part of the world that has cast its shadow over neighbouring cruising destinations such as Northern Madagascar, the Seychelles and even Mozambique, and it must be stressed that sailing in that area is still potentially dangerous.

Even Madagascar was expected to become the major attraction in the South Indian Ocean, but the ever lingering threat of piracy has put paid to those hopes.

To ensure safely pass through the critical area of the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea, we can provide you an armed escort with ex Royal Marine Commando operatives and best possible equipment.