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When you organize a yacht event at marina, do you consider implementing an access control officers at your event or do you consider it unnecessary?

When you are in marina where are a lots of people it’s possible that someone tries to enter the yacht (mostly because of curiosity and without any bad intentions).
But there are always those passers-by who will take every opportunity to board a yacht and enjoy a free party. There are always those who no one knows about, and who deviate from others with their unusual behavior, thereby making everyone around them uneasy.

The chance of someone trespassing on your yacht is very small, because there is always someone of the crew on board, but there are people who will take advantage of every little recklessness of those who control access to the yacht, and usually they are crew members who deal with all the many other things at the event, and sometimes leave their position unwatched.

Even though these cases are very rare some guests don’t feel comfortable without a security guard.

Implementing Access Control at your event will contribute, if nothing else to one thing for sure,
which is;

Presentation of your brand!

First impression is everything!
Right from the entrance to your event where the security guard is standing.

How those security guards looks like?
Would they help your guests to get on board, or that’s not related to his role and responsibilities?
Are they a gentleman’s with a manners or just a body-guards.
Do they have all the necessary soft skills and strong social dynamics?
Can they bring a smile to your guests’ face?

The image of the brand itself starts with the smallest things.
We care about everything, the look and style, charm and charisma, professionalism and skills of our operatives.

Anti Piracy

In a world where hotter is usually considered better, the yachting set head to warmer climes throughout the winter months.
Typically, those popular winter charter destinations include countries in the Middle East like Bahrain, Oman, Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a famous F1 Race, but also destinations within Indian Ocean regions, including Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and the Maldives.

Even the presence of a Naval Forces in the Indian Ocean, the threat posed by the Somali pirates has been virtually eliminated, because of the war in Yemen, the situation around Iranian coast, the activities of the Al-Shabaab terrorist group in East Africa and its attacks on tourist resorts have engendered a profound sense of uncertainty in this part of the world that has cast its shadow over neighbouring cruising destinations such as Northern Madagascar, the Seychelles and even Mozambique, and it must be stressed that sailing in that area is still potentially dangerous.

Even Madagascar was expected to become the major attraction in the South Indian Ocean, but the ever lingering threat of piracy has put paid to those hopes.

To ensure safely pass through the critical area of the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea, we can provide you an armed escort with ex Royal Marine Commando operatives and best possible equipment.

If you need an Access Control Officers for a private event on your yacht (for a F1GP event or similar), we can cover that too.

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