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Personal Protection for LGBT Travelers

Sometimes LGBT tourists require greater precautions or considerations and sometimes, it remains just a fleeting idea or a moment, that passes slightly substantial amongst an exciting day full of adventure, but this constant form of fear and anxiety still does happen, imagine how energy-consuming it’d be, considering matters that straight tourists can never by any means contemplate.

First and Foremost,

Let us resolve one in all the largest hassle for LGBT travel organizers;

Deciding where to travel is already challenging enough but considering where one would be safe as an LGBT tourist, in addition, complicates the choice.

Will you be legally protected or even worse prosecuted for open LGBTQ?
Many countries yet don’t provide full or some even zero legal protection against discrimination;


  • Only 27% of countries legally provide protection against anti-LGBT discrimination.
  • 23% of countries outright criminalize homosexual activities.
  • Only 11% of countries might permit you to get married as being one of the destinations.

Knowing your rights and the legal status of every country you visit is tedious and is a further burden in itself for LGBT tourists.

The answer to the question of morality…

Should LGBT travelers visit non-LGBT destinations?

There are 193 countries in the world. “Do you need the fact that you are a gay to determine how much it is ‘moral’ for you to visit them? Why should your version of the world be limited to just seeing places where you are protected or acceptable?”

Be an ally of ours and you’ll never have to ask these questions to yourself.
Decisions about whether or not to travel to a destination appropriate for LGBTs won’t ever be necessary if you provide us the opportunity to make your travels easier.

While choosing LGBT Friendly Venues,

I assume most of us would agree that authorities don’t usually represent the general perspectives of the country and the majority of its citizens. So, even after researching which laws may or may not defend them, LGBT tourists generally find themselves wondering:

“Is this the same country that had legalized same-sex marriages and also criminalized discrimination, but still has such homophobic cultural perspectives?”
Or this is a country that has no legal protection, but in which you can be completely sure that you can walk hand in hand with you partner without the risk of being verbally or physically attacked.

Laws are one thing, and the social scenario in the country is quite another. And that’s quite impossible for Google to decide.

That’s why we are here!
What Google tells us is absolutely irrelevant and we do not bear in mind that statistics.
What is more crucial to us, is to defend you within the inner circle of a venue in which you are situated.

Choosing a destination appropriate for LGBTs isn’t always as easy as researching the law or even the culture of a country.
Since the assumption that the entire country has the same perspectives is a broad generalization.
We need to take into account the range of attitudes that exist in different regions, states, or cities and add that to our overall examination.


A yacht charter agency, same as resorts, river cruise line might have welcoming perspectives towards the LGBT community due to the fact despite everything they look at us all the same, through money.
However, the captains, the crew, the hotel staff… Those are in reality folks that are in direct contact with you and are one’s who could make your vacation either awful or turn it into a magnificent event to be remembered.

“You do not need some homophobic crew member around at your cruise travel!”

Since staff have access to some of your most personal moments and interact with your loved ones,
we understand the importance of ensuring that you are around trustworthy individuals.
With our extensive experience in security and background checking, you can be sure that all of the crew members are trustworthy and reputable.

Interaction with the management team of a venue and negotiating on “house rules” like walking around the ship naked, you can be sure to leave it to us.

Finding a flight

Similar to the points around choosing a destination.

Some LGBT passengers will specifically opt for connecting flights through airports where there is no risk or fear of arrest or invasive interrogation.

I recently read a post on Facebook by a trans woman who was looking for flights to avoid crossing the Middle East because her passport said she was a man and she feared she might be arrested or arrested for it.

Some states are increasingly recognizing non-binary identities in legal documents such as passports and driver’s licenses.  (Enabled gender label “X” instead of “M” or “F”). That’s great news … but when almost no airline allows anything other than “male” or “female” in its booking forms, some LGBT passengers face further complications.

TravelPort, a technology that runs 480 airline reservation systems, introduced the “X” gender option in June 2019. However, so far only a few airlines have updated their websites to match.

To circumvent all these complications, we can provide you with private charter flights in partnership with our jet charter partners with destination coverage throughout entire Europe.

Why you should consider traveling with a private air charter

Homophobic KLM twitter staff stated that if a same-sex couple on a plane were holding hands, they may be asked to stop should this make other passengers feel uncomfortable.
Long-haul travel is tiresome enough, without the additional stress of worrying about who may say something aggressive or upsetting while you are flying in a metal box at 35,000ft with nowhere to escape it.


Hotel Check-In

Suppose you have finally reached your destination. But the concerns don’t stop here, it’s time to check into your hotel.

Request for a double bed?
There is nothing worse than arriving at a hotel on the first day of the trip to have the reception ask you if you have booked a real bed or not.

Some LGBT travelers have shared with me their stories of how they were explicitly told they had booked incorrectly, others experience a more subtle but no less exhausting awkward silence.
No, it doesn’t happen every time. But just like getting on a plane, the uncertainty as you approach your desk about whether “this time or the time might be needed to deal with homophobia” becomes really tiring.

Choosing A Chain vs a Local Hotel.
We are all for supporting unique, local, and boutique hotels. But in certain destinations, you will probably have to book a larger well known, and reputable chain resort over independent local places, to increase your possibilities of a high-quality check-in experience.

Particularly in much less LGBT-friendly destinations, such as Morocco, we always recommend booking foreign-owned (more expensive) hotels, so that you could check-in without or at least with much less worry of discrimination and questioning.

Bars and nightclubs
Part of travelling, at least for some people, is exploring the nightlife of new destinations.
As an LGBT traveler, you are probably faced very often with the decision of whether to explore LGBT friendly clubs, or the popular bars and clubs of the city.
On one hand gay friendly spaces are more likely to be welcoming and accepting.
There is a lower chance of discrimination.
But on the other hand, why should you denied the chance to experience the hottest spots in the city just because of who you want to dance with?

Existing abroad

Holding hands in public.
Something as simple as holding hands may not even occur to a straight couple walking down the street. But LGBT travelers have to make such decisions all the time.
Do something like that and risk verbal or physical abuse or to spend your travels behaving like friends instead of as partners.

Going out or staying in the closet

is a puzzle you probably face day after day.

But when you’re abroad, the sense of risk is often heightened. And so, you can hide your true self for the greater good to feel safe.



On our last deployments with two VIP groups of High Profile Individuals on a two different cruise ships with two different cruise lines, we noticed that the majority of cruise lines offers only access-control service, only gateway officers at the doorway of the cruise ship with no extra security service while one’s onboard or while one’s out sightseeing on land and that’s primarily why we were there.

We are a security company awarded for our service and one that specializes in Travel Security & Superyacht Security and we want to offer you full Close Protection security service for your VIP clients, not only on the cruise ships but also while they’re on foot.

 Our proposed offerings are:

-Gateway Officer/Access Control Officer

-Close Protection in sight-seeing,

-Medics in team

You can find more details about our expertise from our links below:


Our Security Professionals

We are Executive Protection Specialists, with more than 67 employees in 9 countries, and we all have that mindset which standard security guards mostly do not have.
High level of social dynamics, and work with very different types of clientele.
We are professionals and it is our moral, professional and passionate duty to protect anyone who needs it.

Does Your Cruise Travel Need a Security Team?

You might think that because your group is small, there’s no need for security.

However, there are so many things that our security team will deal with; they’re not just there if the worst happens. Quite often just the subtle presence of a security team puts attendees at ease and lets the potential troublemakers know that there will be consequences to their actions which can greatly prevent a multitude of problems from even happening.

You have so many other things to think about when you’re planning a travel or an event, so the added peace of mind of having a specialist security team is worth its weight in gold.

Event Security at LGBT Parties

Event security is actually a standard resource to consider and arrange for many kinds events.

I think of event security like event insurance. We assume we won’t have to use it and we typically don’t. But if we need to call upon it, specialized help can prove invaluable.

If we’re managing a high-profile event—large crowds, there is no question about hiring security.

But what about less contentious events—a party on a ship for instance?

I often suggest clients consider security for these too.  A security team isn’t just about protection. A security team can help make sure the event goes according to plan.

Our professionals help keep you aware of crowd levels, who is coming in or out, and spot potential problems before they occur.

Let’s say you’re hosting a big party at a swanky venue. You might get gate-crashers (“hey look, free food and booze. Cool!”)

Security professionals are masters at dealing with disturbances like these quietly and discretely.
The guests might never know there was a confrontation at the door.

“But won’t having security on hand make my guests nervous?” you say.

On the contrary.
At some events, having a visible security presence makes guests feel they’re being taken care of.
But if obvious signs of security tend to spoil any part of the festivities, we disguise them to make them less evident. It’s like you might never realize they’re here until you really need them.

A security team isn’t just to deal with the physical matters at an event, it also offers peace of mind to you, your guests, and your event team too.

Like any insurance, getting the best fit for the requirement is key. Hire a security team that’s experienced in your specific kind of event. A team specializing in rock concerts and sporting events might not be the best choice for a corporate shareholder meeting — or a Gay Party.

It’s very important to check the security firm’s references and make sure their staff is skilled not just in providing security, but also in other basic skills like planning, communicating, and collaborating.

Security professionals must be able to partner effectively with the rest of your event team and a variety of resources and personalities they must also be able to fully comprehend the event venue and be able to adapt the appropriate behavior accordingly.

It’s a rarity in itself to find security professionals who aren’t homophobic.

Once hired, include the security team in planning activities and visit the venue with them well in advance of the event.

We cannot stress enough the importance of advance planning, especially in the site inspection.

The security team can use their expertise to identify gaps in planning or anything that could be a risk or threat.”

Make sure the security team is familiar with the event agenda, intended guests, and overall flow of event.

It is also important to work with your security team in advance to secure the right balance between the number of guests and security professionals.

A large security team for a small event is overkill.

Too few security pros on hand and you defeat the point of hiring them.

Ask your security team for guidance on the number of security professionals to have on hand, based on the size and nature of the event and the venue.

A skilled security team will be willing to work long hours, just like you and the rest of your event team. They’ll be prepared for the unexpected, just like you.

“Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.”

That’s a great motto for all aspects of event management.

This is why it’s so crucial that event managers team up properly with their security team.

Together, we’ll all,

“Plan for the worst, expect the best.”
That way, I believe that the best is almost always what’s bound to happen.


The first impression is everything!
The image of the brand itself starts with the smallest things.

The sight of our security professionals shows guests that you have easily recognizable and reliable staff at all times and reflects that you care about their safety and well-being.

So, let us help you to stand out as different and much better than others.
And so your customers can say they have never had a safer and better trip ever before.

Thank you for reading
If you have any question about our security service please contact us.

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