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In a society where we find ourselves today, security has been a major challenge in the world. That is why, with over 30 years of excellent operational experience, Predrag has been closely involved in security organization for many High-Profile Individuals. In his service duty that includes many Governmental Officials like; President Clinton, George Bush, Emirs, Basar Asad, the Danish Queen, Joe Biden, President Putin and many more.

At the beginning of his career as a Special Police Officer, he has served his country during the Croatian War of Independence. After the war, he became a part of a team for the protection of the President of Parliament.  Few years later, he became the Team Leader Assessor for Special Protection of Foreign Diplomats hereby managing all the security teams who protected those individuals.

As a passionate individual, whose leadership and security expertise are far beyond reproach and renowned throughout the country, He rose to the rank of the Head of Security of the second Croatian President at Office of Special Security Affairs (equivalent of the US Secret Service or British Metropolitan Police). In this function, he duly cooperated with domestic and foreign security services on a daily basis. Very often, he would be in charge of planning and preparation of security measures in another countries, so his connections with very important persons worldwide, has been of immense value for his outfit, Xtreme Security Company today.

Predrag understands the importance of a great organizational procedures as regards great security. Good relation with many governmental officials from various countries and organizations is crucial to the success of any event. His intercultural environment experience serves all the company very well, in regard to understanding of foreign security needs and managing them for on-the-ground operations within EU. In 1997, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminalistics. Today, he leads by example through his professionalism, attention to detail, and constant evaluation of every situation. His teams, under his leadership, have enjoyed success after success in the protection of their clients.

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