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From defying all odds, always striving towards security and protection, Tomislav is one of the security experts that has impacted deeply in the security industry today.

As an individual with vast experience in hostile environment and well-trained security expertise with many years, he had the honor of serving in the Office of President within the Croatian Ministry of Defense.

Back in the military days, he was extensively trained by Croatian Military Police Unit “VIP Company” (equal to Royal Military Police in some other countries), where he met for the first time in his career a true essence of the Close Protection lifestyle. He left the military after 6 years, to devote himself more to educating himself in that direction. After the military he went on a few different trainings, such as the training for a Executive Protection Specialist in London (UK), where he was trained by the former bodyguard of the late princess Diane, Ken Warfe.

He possesses most of the fundamental skills and professional trainings required to ensure the safety of persons placed under his care.

Upon completion of the training, he joined the anti-piracy program at Horn of Africa, where he participated in the first direct conflicts, he quit his operational duties after finding himself abandoned on a floating armory (MV Seaman Guard Virginia) by a company that went bankrupt at the time (ADVANFORT LLC.). Few months after he worked as a Country Manager in Djibouti close to Somalia, for another maritime security company, and he was responsible for anti-piracy operations within the Red Sea, before he went in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, he was working as a Static Guard supervisor and QRF patrol guard for American company STRATEX in a “Green Village” compound.

Since he always strived to work as Executive Protection Officer, after one rotation in Afghanistan he accepted the offer to join the “Ness” PSD VIP (LIMA 12) team to protect Lukoil’s Executive Manager.

After he left the Middle East, he decided to open his own private security company under the name of Xtreme Security. Tomislav currently works as a Chief Operating Officer of the company, with the main responsibility of organizing, coordinating and supervising the day to day security operations, but he also do most of the close protection tasks by himself.

In addition to his extensive knowledge and experience in third world countries, he was protecting some very important people and events in Europe like Formula 1 in Monaco, Moto GP in Sachsenring, and high value assets like super yachts in transits within HRA. Tomislav has been trained in many different segments, such as; for a medic, security driver, executive protection specialist, and therefore he seems like a ‘safe pair of hands’, who could be trusted to provide different kind of support to the whole team.

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